Automatically create in-apps in iTunesConnect with iMacros

Check if this is what you need

Do I need to automate the creation of IAPs?

— You work in Game Publishing/Game Development and you will definitely do this over and over again.

— You have to add in app Name and Description in many languages.


— You have to create >30 of IAPs once.

If you answered YES to any of 2 questions, then most definitely the time you’ll spend on automation is going to be profitable in you future work.

Are there any alternatives?

Yup, as mentioned here you can use Apple’s Application Loader. The technology can be slightly simplier, but less flexible as compared to editing existing in-app data via iMacros. Anyway, I’ve made my choice, but at this point just give Application Loader a try.

Setup the Environment

So you’ve got that lot of in-apps to be created for your iOS App.
Here’s something I use for my work as a product manager in Alawar.

The software I use is:

1. Firefox Browser — with all my tender love to Opera Browser, Firefox is a way to go for specifically this automation.
I use this version, because it has no errors when working with Windows Store.
Although you can use the latest one.

2. iMacros Plugin for Mozilla Firefox

3. Office Software to work with tables/CSV. I use Microsoft Office Excel 2010, although any other table editor would do the tric. Here’s a free one.

Additional software:

4. Notepad++ to work with the macro code, although iMacros has very good editor with code highlight integrated.

5. Excel to Unicode CSV addin from this great fellow (hope, he don’t mind me using it). Just follow the simple steps to install it to your system if you work with Unicode symbols (In-app description in Russian, French, German, Chinese, etc.)


1. Fill in the cells with the IAP data you need to be created (here’s an Example XLS) and save it to unicode CSV using plugin for Excel or LibreOffice.

The Cells marked with * should be filled. Apple ID and IAP Price, USD can be blank. Second language can be commented in script with ‘ symbol.

The values in csv are expected to be comma-separated. This should be set up in Regional Settings of your OS.

Reference Name* Product ID* Apple ID IAP Price, USD IAP Price-TIER* IAP name-EN* IAP description-EN* IAP name-RU IAP description-RU
YourApp.IAPID1 YourApp.IAPID1 0,99 1 990 coins Get 990 coins 990 монет Получить 990 монет
YourApp.IAPID2 YourApp.IAPID2 1,99 2 2100 coins Get 2100 coins 2100 монет Получить 2100 монет
YourApp.IAPID3 YourApp.IAPID3 2,99 3 2100 coins Get 2100 coins 3300 монет Получить 3300 монет
YourApp.IAPID4 YourApp.IAPID4 3,99 4 2100 coins Get 2100 coins 4400 монет Получить 4400 монет
YourApp.IAPID5 YourApp.IAPID5 5,99 6 2100 coins Get 2100 coins 6600 монет Получить 6600 монет
YourApp.IAPID6 YourApp.IAPID6 8,99 9 9900 coins Get 9900 coins 9900 монет Получить 9900 монет
YourApp.IAPID7 YourApp.IAPID7 0,99 1 79 crystals Get 79 crystals 79 кристаллов Получить 79 кристаллов
YourApp.IAPID8 YourApp.IAPID8 1,99 2 170 crystals Get 170 crystals 170 кристаллов Получить 170 кристаллов
YourApp.IAPID9 YourApp.IAPID9 2,99 3 265 crystals Get 265 crystals 265 кристаллов Получить 265 кристаллов
YourApp.IAPID10 YourApp.IAPID10 3,99 4 375 crystals Get 375 crystals 375 кристаллов Получить 375 кристаллов
YourApp.IAPID11 YourApp.IAPID11 5,99 6 605 crystals Get 605 crystals 605 кристаллов Получить 605 кристаллов
YourApp.IAPID12 YourApp.IAPID12 8,99 9 970 crystals Get 970 crystals 970 кристаллов Получить 970 кристаллов

2. Copy this !createfromfile_EN_RU to your iMacros folder (it’s %USERPROFILE%\Documents\iMacros\Macros by default; see iMacros options for your path to scripts folder) and change it’s extension to iim

3. Open Firefox

4. Login to you iTunesConnect developer account

5. Go to your App’s Manage In-App Purchases section. It makes no difference whether there are any IAP already, or it’s blank.

6. Open iMacros Plugin (the blue-and-yellow button to the right from the address bar)

7. Right click -> Edit the !createfromfile_EN_RU.iim script you’ve copied in pt.2

8. Things that you need to change are in the top of the script marked as SETTINGS. The comments are self-explanatory.

As soon as you’re ready to proceed, enter the number of IAPs into the Max Loop section of iMacros Loop Playback and Hit the Play Loop button.


You can change this script to suit your needs, e.g. add more languages both to the table and to the add IAP name & description section of the script.

Just don’ forget to set the proper value for the !DATASOURCE_COLUMNS variable. Current script supports only 2 locales — EN & RU, but it’s easy to make it support any number of those.

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